Casino Management

Casino Management Contracts

Tribal Gaming Management provides the breadth and depth of management expertise and resources usually available only to the largest and most professional casino groups. Among the benefits that management under contract with Tribal Gaming Management brings are:

  • Improved bottom-line, net of management fees
  • Consistency of performance and maintenance of standards
  • Progressive quality gains
  • Purchasing strength
  • Reliable financial reporting
  • Stability of earnings
  • Enhancement of the investment
  • Freedom for owner to focus on other/core business

These are achieved through:

  • The placement of professional hands-on management at your casino
  • The implementation of operating procedures and quality management system based on our proven framework and tailored for the unique properties of your casino and business opportunity
  • The installation of proven management reporting systems and controls
  • On-going, high quality training for management and employees
  • The application of specialist resources in live casino games, slots, marketing, surveillance, IT systems, cashiering, security, gaming compliance, controllership and management accounting, strategy and business planning
  • The cycling of fresh and energised managers periodically through the business
  • The application of a broadly and continually growing casino management knowledge base

Casino Interim Management

Tribal Gaming Management Interim Managers can be used to manage a project, manage change, give additional support to implement a business opportunity, give support when existing management are absent or fully-stretched, or to simply improve overall business performance. Another crucial benefit is that they focus exclusively on the task in hand, they can mentor and coach as well as manage and, unlike many in-house executives, they have no hidden political agenda. Our "IMs" can be full time or part time and for as long as you need. They can also perform a wide range of job functions and operate as non-executive directors.