The Management team have been instrumental in setting up Gaming operations from North America to Europe and Africa to Asia. In many cases writing the Gaming Legislation for the relevant jurisdictions including the regulations and producing the Accounting Standards and Operating Procedures.

Tribal Gaming Management are the first port of call, for all new developments, where our wealth of knowledge is instrumental in guiding both Government and Operators into providing operations that meet the needs of the local and international markets.

Tribal Gaming Management specialists have knowledge of

  • Tables
  • Slots
  • Procedures
  • Junket Operations
  • Guest Relations
  • VIP Services
  • Cashiering
  • Game mix and spreads
  • Casino flow
  • Casino Promotions
  • Gaming Reports and Analysis
  • Player Rating
  • Benchmarking

Many Casinos' are underperforming due to a combination of issues and oversights - sometimes we are just too close to the problem to be able to see it. Fresh eyes and experience can benefit any Casino Company that wants an unbiased review of their operations. Tribal Gaming Management can assist with your revenue growth on many levels, we are initially offering the following:

  • Review of Daily Operations against written Procedures - to highlight security weaknesses
  • Competitive Analysis - gauge yourself against the opposition
  • Management Training
  • SWOT Analysis from an outsider's point of view - internal reports are often clouded by perceptions
  • Player point of view Reports - what your Players actually think and experience
  • Time and motion reports on staff, tables opening / closing, cash desk flow during peak and off peak times etc
  • Junket and tracking programs, including Slots options
  • Floor mix for both Tables and Slots
  • Scam detection
  • Casino or Departmental Evaluation Reports
  • Customer Service Levels

Tribal Gaming Management is happy to service any other requirements that you have need of - we are here to assist. If you merely require someone to bounce ideas off of - we are available for that as well.

We are happy to sit with you and determine the number of hours that you require - as an example if we do a Casino Evaluation Report for you, we would suggest that 24 hours are required broken into two segments of 12 hours. The initial period would cover the 18h00 to 06h00 frame (the busy period), we would do the 06h00 to 18h00 using the same staff so that continuity is maintained 24 hours later.